!!!!! Hat Restoration

Hat Restoration

Our Master Hatter David Johnson made this hat for a working cowboy 16 years ago. This cowboy wore the hat every day doing what cowboys do.


When he finally retired, his wife let him into the house but not his hat. One look can tell you why.




This is a 5X Rabbit. The cowboy brought the hat back to David in the hope that David could clean it. David took one look at the hat and told him, “I can make you one to look just like it.”

Well, this hat had been part of the cowboy for to many years and he was not ready to part with an old friend. David finally agreed to try to do something with the hat. The lining, binding, ribbon, and sweatband were removed. David spent many hours cleaning and degreasing the hat. The body was still sound so David was able to rebuild the hat.




This is how the hat was returned to a very happy cowboy.

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